Automatic Depalletizer

Tilt Palletizer

Welcome to GR-X Manufacturing!  

We are a team of individuals that are committed to manufacturing rugged, quality equipment for our customers.

Our equipment handles:

  • Lightweight plastic containers
  • Glass bottles (beer, juice or similar)
  • Glass jars (spice, candle or similar)
  • ​Aluminum cans

Industries served:

  • Blow molding
  • Food, brewery, beverage and dairy
  • Household and personal care
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • and more!
Tilt Depalletizer
Automatic Depalletizer

Flame Treatment

Providing equipment solutions

Manual Tilt Palletizer

Leak Detection

GR-X Manufacturing Container Handling Equipment


Manual Bulk Depalletizer

Flame Treater
Manual Bulk Depalletizer
Leak Detectors

Manual Tilt Depalletizer

Product Spotlight

Manual and Automatic Depalletizers

for full and half height pallets

November 2017 

GR-X depalletizers are an economical and efficient means to unload empty aluminum, glass, or plastic containers from bulk layered pallets.