"Equipment built well - Sales made simple"

- Company Philosophy -


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About us

We are a group of dedicated individuals with over 80 years combined experience in design/engineering, fabrication and production. 

What we do

We provide our customers with rugged equipment built with reliable parts and components.  Our mission is to improve performance and maximizes efficiencies within our customers plant.

How we do it

Our knowledgeable inside sales staff provides easy to understand quotes and price sheets.   Pictures, videos, and product specifications can all be found on the website.

Looking to the Future

Today the business grows particularly because of enthusiastic referrals from our valued customers!
Quality built
Came together well
Easy to operate
— Fernando, Juice Company
Really pleased with the unit
— Jeff, Brewing Company
Depalletizer has really helped to increase the output from our bottling line and you guys have been very accommodating.
— Ryan, Brewing Company
When we received the flame treater, it was easy to install - all we had to do was add power, gas, and air. It is simple to operate and easily adjustable.
— John, Blow Molding Company
Good looking piece of equipment!
— Justin, Blow Molding Company