Automated Palletizer

The GR-X automated palletizer system is designed to prepare full-height pallets measuring 44”W x 56”L x (up to) 110” tall of empty plastic containers or aluminum cans. Unit is configured to handle the range of container/can sizes and speed of your line. Palletizer operator to be responsible for loading empty pallet, initiating automatic sequence, fastening of pallet banding (both prior to and upon completion of pallet build), placing slip-sheets between layers (unless automatic slip-sheet option is included), and removal of full pallet.

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  • Industrial powder-coated finish for enhanced corrosion protection

  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction

  • Wear resistant powder-coated pallet bay side panels

  • User friendly HMI touch screen (7” LCD) with auto/manual controls

  • Fully integrated PLC with quick-access diagnostic screen

  • Dual side-load table top conveyors (high-level) at in feed of layer-staging area

  • Stepper motor control push plate for accurate speed control of containers

  • Integrated four-point cable-lift system built within the frame

  • Mechanically actuated pallet bay access door with interlocked safety switch

  • Multicolor LED stack light indicator for pallet change over and/or machine fault

  • Electrical panel safety disconnect/lockout and e-stop for operator safety

  • Auto-reversing pallet bay access door for operator safety

  • 480v / 3 Phase / 60 Hz

  • 80-100 PSI clean air supply required - 2-3 CFM

Automated palletizer for aluminum cans.

Automated palletizer for plastic containers. Features optional automatic slip sheet placement system.


Operator Access Platform with Safety Railing

Operator Access Platform with Safety Railing

Adjustable Side Grip Elevator

Adjustable Side Grip Elevator

Automatic Slip-Sheet Placement System

Automatic Slip-Sheet Placement System

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Download Automated Palletizer Spec Sheet

Download Automated Palletizer Spec Sheet