Automatic Full Height Pallet Depalletizers


Automatic depalletizerS FOR LIGHT OR Heavy loads

GR-X manufactures depalletizers that discharges full height pallets of empty aluminum cans, plastic containers, and glass jars/bottles.  Our depalletizer design supports flexible configurations, allowing it to be tailored to customer-specific requirements.


Core features

  • Four-post cable lift system built within the frame
  • Elevation detection
  • Pneumatic slip sheet removal
  • Electrically driven sweep function
  • HMI touchscreen with PLC driven controls

Standard configurations

  • 500 lb to 5,000 lb lifting capability
  • Standard pallet sizes 44x56 inch, 40x48 inch, or custom 
  • Heavy duty carbon steel frame or stainless steel construction
  • Fiberboard, Corrugated fiberboard, plastic, or inverted tray slip sheet removal systems
  • May be configured to accommodate a wide variety of discharge speeds


    • Operator access platform with safety railing
    • Customer logo decal
    • Custom powder-coated frame
    • Pallet staging area and push "through frame" pallet removal roller conveyor


      Full pallet depalletizer (aluminum cans with plastic slip sheets)

      Stainless steel full pallet depalletizer (aluminum cans with plastic slip sheets)

      Full pallet depalletizer (glass bottles with inverted trays)

      Full pallet depalletizer (plastic containers with plastic slip sheets)

      Discharge options

      GR-X offers three (3) discharge options for our full height pallet depalletizer.  Conveyors are built to match the discharge elevation of a full height depalletizer.  Conveyors can be customized to meet your particular needs.

      side discharge.jpg

      Side discharge conveyor

      bidirection mass accumulation.jpg

      Mass accumulation table

      hi speed single filing conveyor.jpg

      Hi-speed single filer

      DECLINE options

       Decline chute (for aluminum cans)

      Decline chute (for aluminum cans)

       Side grip decline 

      Side grip decline