Automatic Depalletizer

The GR-X Manufacturing automatic depalletizer for half-height pallets features electrically driven lift and sweep assembly motors that allow for smooth, reliable, and continuous operation.  It securely accepts half-pallets of empty glass, aluminum or plastic containers.  

Model #HHA 5000

Auto Depalletizer.jpg
Auto Depalletizer Controls.jpg


  • Compact footprint

  • User friendly HMI touch screen with auto/manual controls

  • Auto pallet lift and sweep

  • Slip sheet removal

  • Electrically driven sweep-function

  • Heavy duty tubular carbon steel frame constructions

  • Four-post cable lift system built within the frame

  • Pneumatic slip-sheet removal

  • 5000lb lifting capacity

  • Pallet size: 44"W x 56"L

  • Dimensions: 86"L x 64"W x 106"H


pallet staging.jpg

Pallet staging area - gravity roller conveyor

(2) 18”W x 48”L, (1) 46”W x 60”L


Custom powder-coated color framE

Have the color of the frame match your brand



Quality vinyl cut decal placed on both sides of the depalletizer

Conveyor discharge options

side discharge conveyor.jpg

Side discharge conveyor

Single files the containers, row by row onto the conveyor

mass accumulation table GRX.jpg

Mass Accumulation Table

Reciprocating bottle flow maximizes out feed efficiency & accumulation time

Single filer conveyor.jpg

Hi-speed single filer

Maximizes the out feed of containers by using a series of mat-top conveyors

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Download Half-Height Auto Depalletizer Spec Sheet

Download Half-Height Auto Depalletizer Spec Sheet