Automatic Depalletizer

The GR-X Manufacturing automatic depalletizer for half-height pallets features electrically driven lift and sweep assembly motors that allow for smooth, reliable, and continuous operation.  It securely accepts half-pallets of empty glass, aluminum or plastic containers.  Unit is fully adjustable and capable of unloading pallet size/range of 40" to 44" W x 48" to 56" L.

Model #HHA 5000
automatic depalletizer.jpg


  • Auto pallet lift and sweep
  • Slip sheet removal
  • Electrically driven sweep-function
  • Heavy duty carbon steel frame
  • Stainless steel bottle contact surface
  • Adjustable aluminum sidewall
  • Four-post cable lift system built within the frame
  • Pneumatic slip-sheet removal
  • Outfeed elevation: 46"
  • 4000lb capacity
  • Pallet size/range: 40" to 44"W x 48" to 56"L
  • Dimensions: 100"L x 89"W x 89"H


auto depal.jpg

Custom powder-coated color framE

Have the color of the frame match your brand


Quality vinyl cut decal placed on both sides of the depalletizer

Conveyor discharge options