Flame Treatment Systems

GR-X flame treaters are proven to provide a safe, consistent and reliable solution for effectively surface treating plastic bottles.  Surface treatment systems are ideally suited to enhance the adhesion of bottle labels and printing prior to application.

Flexible adjustments and ease of operation enable maximum flame control on a wide range of container shapes and sizes.  Built-in-safety features monitor container flow in and out of the flame area for product jams and line back-ups.  Precision flow controls regulate air and gas for accurate flame and heat consistency.  In addition, the unit is completely guarded for operator safety.


  • Reliable and repeatable surface treatment

  • Available in two or four burner configurations

  • Suitable for a wide range of container sizes

  • Built-in safety shut-off features


front flame treat.jpg

2 burner flame treater

Mid 2016 we decided to replace an old and obsolete bottle flaming unit. From design to installation of the new unit all of GR-X employees were very knowledgeable and professional. The installation went flawlessly at the end of October 2016.
Kyle was prepared and able to complete the installation and training in a timely and professional manner. This flamer meets and exceeds all of our companies safety standards and requirements.
If you find yourself in need of a new flaming unit, I would highly recommend GR-X as the company that can get it done. It was our pleasure to be able to do business with your company.
— Ken G., CCC
4burner flametreat.jpg

4 burner flame treater

Everyone that I have talked to at GR-X has been very friendly and helpful. When we received the flame treater, it was easy to install - all we had to do was add power, gas, and air.

The flame treater is simple to operate and easily adjustable. It is designed very well and is made with quality components. It features all of the latest safety features and guarding and is surface treating our containers well.
— John L., JD Streett

Standard features

  • 2 burner unit - single unimixer to supply gas/air to 2 burners

  • 4 burner unit - two unimixers to supply gas/air to 4 burners

  • 8" adjustable flame burner heads for ease of adjustment for various treatment surface sizes (8" to 4" adjustable flame size)

  • Extruded aluminum frame and wire mesh guarding

  • Access doors on each side of the unit for easy access to burner heads

  • Frame designed to drop over existing conveyor

  • Adjustable for multiple bottle sizes

  • Photocell upstream to shutdown flame during bottle absence

  • Tool-less adjustability with numeric gauges. This allows for pin point accuracy, repeatability, consistent surface treatment, and quick and efficient bottle changeovers (see video)

  • 4 burner unit - fully adjustable bottle rotator handles bottles that are short, tall, wide, narrow, round, square, off-centered necks, and more

  • Photo eyes monitor the flame treat areas for blockages or jams

  • Photo eyes mounted downstream monitor line for bottle back-up events

  • Bottle blow off for bottle back-up events

  • Visible stack light to warn of any blockages in the flame treat area

  • Power requirements - 120VAC/1Ph/60Hz, 10amps

Watch tool-less bottle changeovers

Watch new bottle turning technology

Technical features

Utility requirements

  • Air supply: 80-100psi

  • CFH natural gas (ft 3/hr)

    • 2 burner - 100

    • 4 burner - 200

  • CFH propane (ft 3/hr)

    • 2 burner - 20

    • 4 burner - 40

  • Gas pressure - 0.5 psi min to 2 psi max (13"w.c. - 54"w.c.)

  • Power supply - 120/1/60, 30 amps


  • Extruded aluminum frame and wire mesh guarding

  • Dual (2) interlocked safety doors located on both sides of unit provide easy access to burner heads

Motor rating

  • Conveyor drive 1/2HP

  • Conveyor speed - up to 70 ft/min

  • Optional bottle turner drive (1/8HP for 4 burner)


  • Photo-eyes monitor bottle flow in and out of flame area

  • Flynn burner monitors flame faults

  • Photo eyes monitor the flame area for blockages and jams

  • Downstream photo eye to prevent backups into flame area

  • Optional bottle rotator speed selection and recipes are featured on the 4 burner touch screen

2head flame treat.jpg

Unit and conveyor options

Flame treat conveyor options

  • 8' section of 3 1/4" table top conveyor (no rails)

    • Flame retardant table top chain

    • Brass wear strips

    • Aluminum frame construction

  • Variable frequency drive

  • Chain cooling fan (mounts to end of drive unit)

Flame treat unit options

  • 10" adjustable flame burner head (10" to 5" adjustable flame size)

  • 12" adjustable flame burner head (12" to 6" adjustable flame size)

  • Brake paddle assembly (upgrade from air blow off)

  • Down bottle detection upgrade (bottle break vs bottle blow off)

  • Castors (set of 4)

  • Extended frame guards - 1 set (22" long)

  • Additional unimixer unit with 2 burners

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