GR-X Manufacturing Container Handling Equipment

Technical features

  1. Chain widths range from 1.38" to 39.37"
  2. Working temperatures are -20 degrees C to 60 degrees C
  3. Speed ranges go from 10ft/min to 165 ft/min depending on container size
  4. Item width are 0.6" to 47.2"
  • Vast layout capability 
  • Minimal component variation
  • Design simplicity
  • Effective space utilization
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Low maintenance 
  • User-friendliness


FlexMoves modular design offers virtually unlimited configuration options to suit a wide variety of applications.  The system provides a good platform for future expansion and re-layout capability.  The FlexMove alpine conveyor adds valuable accumulation in a compact footprint by utilizing your facilities vertical space.  The side flexing chain and highly adjustable rail design aids in bottle stability and control.  It is versatile enough to adapt to changes in variables such as product size, shape, production volume and packaging type and flexible enough to be reconfigured for future expansion plans and production requirements.  With the FlexMove system, GR-X is able to offer a more economical, industry proven, modular conveying solutions.

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FlexMove Conveyors