Full-Height Automatic Can Depalletizer

Ramping up production to accommodate a rapidly growing business seems to be on the minds of many craft brewers and wineries. To achieve the desired growth in production output, you need to take a close look at your canning line. The speed of a canning line is often limited by the ability to keep the filler operating at peak capacity throughout the day. GR-X’s Full-Height Automatic Can Depalletizer provides a steady stream of empty cans to maximize output and prevent unnecessary filler down-time. Our units are robustly constructed, utilize quality components, and are designed with easy operation, reliable performance, and a compact foot print in mind.

Download specification sheet

Download specification sheet

Automatic Can Depalletizer with Mini Side Grip Lowerator

Automatic Can Depalletizer with S-style Chute


  • S-style Chute with Inversion

    • Up to 80 cans per minute

    • Declines can from discharge height down to line level

  • Mini Side-grip Lowerator

    • Up to 120 cans per minute

    • Declines can from discharge height down to line level

    • No change parts

    • Tool-less adjustability for accommodating different can widths

    • Small footprint

    • Clean, low noise, and low maintenance

  • Ionized Air-Rinse System (Added to Chute)

    • Rinses can with ionized air during decline

    • Stainless steel debris collection tray

    • Independent air-filter/regulator system

    • Requires additional 2-3-CFM

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel body for enhanced corrosion protection

  • Enclosed top to help eliminate debris contamination

  • User friendly HMI touch screen (7"LCD) with auto/manual controls

  • Fully integrated PLC with quick-access diagnostic screen

  • Accepts 44" wide x 56" long pallets

  • Integrated four-point cable-lift system built within the frame

  • Easily adjustable elevation detection system for precise layer indexing

  • Sweep assembly frame initiates when downstream photo eye indicates space available

  • Pneumatic slip-sheet removal system with dunnage rack

  • Multicolor LED stack light indicator for pallet change over and/or machine fault

  • Electrical panel safety disconnect/lockout and e-stop for operator safety

  • Discharge conveyor with VFD speed control - 6" wide x 6' long matop chain

  • 120V power supply

  • 80-100 PSI air supply at 1-2 CFM

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