Manual and Automatic HALF PALLET Depalletizers

GR-X manual and automatic half pallet bulk depalletizers are an economical and efficient means to unload empty aluminum, glass, or plastic containers from bulk layered pallets.  Compact in design, the depalletizer easily and securely accepts half pallets of empty containers.  Our depalletizers are robustly constructed, utilize quality components, and are designed with easy operation, reliable performance, and a compact footprint in mind.



Manual depalletizers are available with or without an integrated lift


Fully automatic depalletizer offers smooth, reliable, and continuous operation


Discharge OptionS

Side discharge conveyor

Operator single files the containers, row by row onto the conveyor.

side discharge conveyor.jpg

Bi-directional Mass Accumulation table

Our most popular option!  Reciprocating bottle flow maximizes out feed efficiency and accumulation time. 


Hi-speed single filing conveyor

Maximizes the out feed of containers