• Single, dual, or triple head units available
  • Detects holes as small as .020 inches
  • Built in troubleshooting diagnostics
  • Additional nose cone assemblies
  • Bottle indexing / stop cylinders (required for unstable bottles)
  • Panel mounted, calibrated testing orifice (single station)

Trimmer mount leak detector

Technical features:

The GR-X trimmer mount leak detector is an industry work-horse that is integrated with trimmer PLC's or stand-alone for simple and effective leak detection.  Define your own programs (up to 9 total) and enter them easily using the keypad and LCD display.  Add optional equipment for additional quality control measurement.

Leak Detection


Inline leak detector 
Single, dual and triple head

Speed (based on bottle size/shape)

Range varies by application

Power requirements 

120V, 1Ph, 50/60 HZ

Air requirements

80 psi


Aluminum Steel

Leak detection

Detects hole as small as .020"


Panel mounted and keyed



LCD display

Shows total containers accepted and rejected

Circuit boards

Individual for power supply, transducer, and overall electronic control


Stores up to 9 different user defined programs

  • Single, dual, or triple head units available
  • Testing speeds up to 80 bottles/min
  • Hole detection as small as .020 inches
  • Multiple setup configurations
  • Multiple bottle programming
  • Quick, repeatable changeovers​

Inline leak detector

A complete package in either single, double, or triple station models.  The GR-X inline leak detector includes a microprocessor, adjustable stand and is available with or without our strand conveyor.

User friendly controls allow you to set the fill value, PSI, and inspection time for each application.  Monitor the count of rejected bottles or containers, as well as the percentage of accepted units.  Convenient features include battery back-up, and individual circuit boards for power supply, transducer, and overall electronic control, to simplify maintenance and repair.

GR-X Manufacturing Container Handling Equipment