Semi-Automatic Bagger

Built to provide years of dependable operation, the GR-X semi-automatic bagger is a cost effective and efficient method for bagging empty plastic bottles. Convenient and economical, the bagging system encloses single layers of bottle rows into easily handled, sanitary sealed plastic bags. GR-X offers the semi-auto bagger in rear load and side load configurations. Live conveyor feed increases speed and maintains constant bottle control and easily accommodates a variety of container sizes.

Technical Features


  • Rear load

  • Side load

Bag size - Adjustable configuration to accommodate various bag sizes

Power requirements - 115V, Single phase, 50 to 60Hz

Air requirements - Minimum 80 psi

Control panel

  • Operator touch screen interface

  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix


  • Welded steel

  • Enclosed frame with door safety switches

  • Stainless steel bottle contact surface

Table top conveyor - 3 1/4” table top infeed conveyor with drive and idler

Standard pack size - 36” x 48” (reconfigurable)

Steps of Operation

  1. Bags are manually placed onto the bagging clamps by the operator.

  2. A live feed conveyor automatically transports the containers into the bagger where they are collated into rows.

  3. The semi-automatic bagger pushes the bottles into the bag when the operator signals that the machine is ready.

  4. The bag is then sealed by dual activated push buttons for operator safety.

  5. Bagged bottles can then be easily stacked for storage and/or shipping.

Rear Load Semi-Automatic Bagger

Rear Load Semi-Automatic Bagger