Spin Trimmers

GR-X Manufacturing Container Handling Equipment

Model 1300​ and 3500



The GR-X spin trimmer is built with safety, durability and precision in mind.  Our spin trimmer is a cost effective and efficient dome trimming system for blow molded plastic bottles and containers.  The system's heated blade technology ensures debris free trimming and the highest possible quality bottle neck finish.  Quick change blades with height, angle, depth adjustment enable the spin trimmer to meet a variety of dome trimming requirements.

The durable aluminum free-standing design with casters makes this unit ideal to relocate to other production areas and to integrate into existing production lines.  A precise dome (moule) takeaway system offers an effective way to collect the scrap to either be manually or conveyed back to the grinder for reintroduction into the process. 

Model 1300 - 1"-3" bottle neck diameter

Model 3500 - 3"-5" bottle neck diameter

  • Precise dome (moule) removal
  • Handles round or square containers
  • Trims HDPE, PVC, PETG and various other resins
  • Heated blade technology temperature controller
  • Blade height, angle and depth adjustment
  • Protective guarding and quick lever bottle release
  • Dimensions - 30"W x 34"L
  • Casters for added flexibility

Options and add-ons

  1. 18.375" blades (Pkg of 10)
  2. Dome removal arm (1 required for each size of bottle)
  3. Spare belt
  4. Heater rod
  5. Conveyor