Manual Tilt Palletizer

Add-on's and options

  • Side pallet banding
  1. (2) manual strap dispensers for 3/8" - 3/4" plastic strapping material
  2. Manual strap threading tool for inserting strapping material through the pallet
  3. (2) manual strap clamps to hold the loose end of the strap while loading pallet
  • Hand cart/caster wheel kit

Allows for the lifting of one end of the palletizer for easy reloaction

  • Tipping stabilization clamp

Clamp device used for securing the top layer of bottles to prevent the bottles falling forward on stand up​

  • Custom powder coated color

Customize the color of the frame for a look that specifically matches your facility

  • Custom logo decal

Quality vinyl cut printed logo applied to both sides of the tilt palletizer

Standard features

​The GR-X manual tilt palletizer makes palletizing operations simple, efficient and ergonomically friendly.  Easily operated controls adjust the unit to an optimal loading angle (and height) to ensure a consistent and safely palletized stack, one layer at a time.  Twin pneumatically actuated cylinders properly position loads weighting up to 600 pounds.  Only air, no electrical is required to operate the unit.

Unit is engineered to palletize a variety of stack dimensions, configurations, and product types due to the adjustable side panel design.  Optional features to accommodate pallet strapping ensure loads are safely secured prior to transit or storage.  For reloacting the unit, further mobility is offered with an optional caster wheel kit. 

  • Construction
  1. Framework - welded and powder coated (standard silver) steel and aluminum
  2. Side and back panel - Black HDPE high impact strength and high density polyethylene 
  • Cylinders and air supply
  1. Tilt cylinders - twin pneumatically operated tilt cylinders (64" stroke) (3-year manufacturers warranty)
  2. Rod-less pallet lift cylinder (3-year manufacturers warranty)
  3. Air supply - minimum 80 psi
  • Pallet
  1. Load weight - up to 600 lbs.
  2. Size/range - 48" - 56"L / Up to 44"W
  3. Stack height - Up to 103"
  • Operation

Manual operator signal for raise, lower and pallet forming operation

  • Controls

Conveniently mounted on the safety fence

  • Rear contact surface

Retracting slider bed cover case and pallet lowering forks provide positive pallet contact surface

  • Safety fencing

Powder coated black wire mesh fence with yellow posts (180"L x 74.5"H)

​​Tilt palletizer shown in upright position with custom frame color (black), customer logo decal (printed with permission), and side pallet banding

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